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A visit to Fairfield Farm Cottage wouldn't be complete without trying some of our delicious food. We offer a farm-to-table breakfast that you can add onto your reservation of our historic stone cottage.

There's a lot that makes breakfast at the Fairfield Farm Cottage unique but the main part is it provides you a taste of Bourbon County, Kentucky. Breakfast isn't the only option we offer. We also provide a Charcuterie board for two ($35) and some Kentucky Beer Cheese ($15).

To learn more about these options, visit our amenities page. Regardless of what you choose, all of our food options will enhance your experience and show you why Fairfield Farm is one of the best places to eat in Paris, Kentucky.
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Farm-to-Table Breakfast

The main option available for you is a farm-to-table breakfast. In addition to your reservation of our historic stone cottage, you can pay an additional $25 for an authentic Kentucky breakfast. All of our breakfast items come from local venues.

This includes farmers and bakers in Bourbon County, including the Bourbon County Farmers Market. Our menu features a diverse array of selections. Refer to our menu for the full scope of delicious options you can add to your relaxing escape at Fairfield Farm Cottage.

When the weather's nice, feel free to take your breakfast outside and enjoy the dreamy landscape our farm offers. There's nothing better than starting your day off with our tasty breakfast while taking in the Kentucky countryside.

Food for Everyone

While our farm-to-table breakfasts are an amazing perk for those who stay at the Fairfield Farm Cottage, it is not an exclusive one. We offer our locally-sourced breakfast to anyone who is interested, regardless of if they have a reservation. This doesn't only apply to breakfast.

You can come enjoy time at Fairfield Farm and partake in some brunch. Regardless of what you choose, we are here to serve you. This is a great option for those friends who want to spend some time away from the city or individuals looking for a relaxing outing.

One of the perks of eating at Fairfield Farm is the relaxing slice of Kentucky countryside within our property. Enjoy the serene nature of the farm while you delve into a locally-sourced breakfast or brunch. This also applies to the other amenities we offer.

Contact us to learn more about this option and to experience the unique character of Fairfield Farm.
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Event Menus

Fairfield Farm Cottage does host events throughout the year and with it comes some opportunities for some tasty treats. During our plein air days, for example, we'll offer hor-d'oeuvres.

All of these follow the same rule as our breakfast: we use locally-sourced items. In the past, our hor-d'oeuvres included bread, meats, cheeses and jams, all from local bakers, farmers and makers.

Along with these, we've offered sun tea and wine spritzers. These options vary depending on the activity so check out our Facebook page to learn of when the next events may be happening. You can also head over to our Events page to learn more about the specific events like the plein air art days.

Enjoying the Kentucky Countryside

Visiting Fairfield Farm is a great way to experience a taste of the Kentucky countryside. We offer many different ways to enjoy the outdoors and food is just one of those ways.

We celebrate the history of our property and aim to provide you with a great way to relax from your everyday stresses. You can check out the many things to do on our property or plan to visit during one of our events.

Regardless of how you spend your time, we hope you will leave with a relaxed mindset thanks to our bluegrass country manor.
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