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Outdoor Activities

When you stay at the Fairfield Farm Cottage, you not only get first-class accommodations but you also get a good slice of what makes Kentucky special.

Fairfield, which sits near the quiet town of Paris, Kentucky, offers a lot of great activities you can do right on the property, adding to your escape from your busy life.

We are set in the Kentucky countryside, meaning there's a lot of quiet activities that will help you rejuvenate from the daily grind. Come see why Fairfield Farm Cottage is one of the best places in Kentucky to visit and stay for your vacation to the Bluegrass State.
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Sunset on country road

Stoner Creek Walk

One great way to experience the beauty of the Kentucky countryside is taking a trip down the Stoner Creek walking trail. This mile-long trek takes you through some gorgeous Kentucky outdoors just outside of Paris.

You will walk alongside Stoner Creek, providing a perfect chance to stretch your legs and enjoy the natural beauty of Kentucky outdoors. You can find the trail just behind the cottage.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

There is a lot of wildlife that frequents the Fairfield Farm Cottage. While you explore the property, see what animals you may come across. Some of the animals you'll see include cattle and horses.

There are also plenty of opportunities to find birds on the farm. Be sure to ask us about the different wildlife you can find. When you stay at Fairfield Farm Cottage, the whole property is open to you to explore.
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Fisherman standing in the creek


Fishing in Kentucky can be a great way to sit back and relax. Fairfield Farm Cottage houses Stoner Creek and a local fishing pond, offering plenty of opportunities for catch-and-release fishing. Stoner Creek is particularly a great place to try your hand at fly fishing.

The cottage keeps the pond clear of turtles to further maximize your fishing experience. Fishing is a great way to sit back and enjoy the Kentucky countryside. Fairfield Farm Cottage has a bevy of opportunities, helping make it a premiere Kentucky destination.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Fishing isn't the only activity you can do on the water at Fairfield Farm Cottage. There are plenty of opportunities to go canoeing or kayaking while you stay with us.

The water is calm around the cottage, allowing you to maintain the serenity of your vacation while kayaking or canoeing. Not only is this a fun activity but it will put you amidst the beauty of the Kentucky outdoors, further connecting you with surrounding natural beauty.
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Fire Pit

Sometimes the best activities are simply sitting still and enjoying a nice fire. You can do just that from our fire pit. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the evening air and the Kentucky outdoors.

You can either take to the spot on your own or enjoy it with those who matter most to you. Either way, our on-site fire pit is sure to help you escape from it all and slow it down for your vacation.


Another great way to spend some time on our property is having a picnic. There are plenty of spots to lay out a blanket and enjoy a relaxing picnic.

We also have plans to add some picnic tables to the area so be on the lookout for those in the near future. There are also plenty of spots to take your morning coffee or evening wine and sit.

These spots offer spectacular views of the Kentucky countryside we call home, giving you a chance to kick back and enjoy your vacation.
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Enjoying the Kentucky Countryside

A stay at the Fairfield Farm Cottage is more than just a place to sleep. It also includes some top-notch amenities and some great things to do just outside of Paris, Kentucky.

Book your stay with us and learn about all the fun activities that make Fairfield Farm Cottage one of the best places to stay in Bourbon County, Kentucky.